Picture the situation: you’ve found the websites, you’ve done the research, and you’ve placed your order. At long last, after however many business days, your package is delivered: the Galt Folding Trampoline you’ve ordered for your toddler has finally arrived. However, as they wait in anticipation to be able to play with their new toy, you’ll have to assemble it for them. This is no problem at all: the Galt Folding Trampoline is a breeze to set up and construct; your child will be bouncing upon it in no time.

To begin construction, remove all the pieces from the box. The first step is to take the four pieces of the frame (the “L”-shaped pieces), place them into a square shape (the pieces should line up perfectly), and then use four of the screws that come with the shipment to screw them into position. After that, line up the bouncing mat, the part your toddler will be jumping up and down upon, inside of the now-complete framework. Take the long, elastic bungee cord from the box and loop it around the frame of the Galt Folding Trampoline, through the holes running around the edge of the bouncing mat. This will keep the bouncing mat in place while still allowing a child to bounce upon it; it provides stability as well as elasticity. A square-shaped cover for the trampoline is next; this will cover the entire frame and bungee cord to prevent a child accidentally injuring themselves on the metal frame and the hooks and springs holding the mat in place. Place the cover over the entire frame; it should stay on by itself once complete. Once the bungee cord has been threaded and the protective cover applied, it is safe to move the legs away from the frame: they will lock into position when complete. You will notice that the legs can be moved back into the frame of the trampoline for easier storage.

After the frame has been put together and the cover has been places over the finished frame, the next step is to attach the handle to the base of the trampoline. This is the easiest, final step to the construction: all you have to do is connect both pieces of the handle together and then place them over the two rods sticking out from the frame of the trampoline. There is a spring-loaded catch on the inside of the handle pieces. The handle will snap into position upon completion. With the handle attached, the assembly is complete. Your child may now jump upon the finished Galt Folding Trampoline to their heart’s content. Always remember to supervise your child’s use of the trampoline to prevent accidents.

A more detailed description of the construction process can be found in the manual you receive in the shipment. All Galt Folding Trampolines must be assembled by the buyer: there is no pre-assembled option for delivery. For more information on the Galt Folding Trampoline, visit our FAQ.